The Reconstruction and Extension
of the Pezinok Capuchin Monastery Site Project

The stages of the complex renovation

The planning of the complex renovation is mainly attributed to the dilapidated state of roof covering, the present frame of the roof truss, and the insufficient conditions for the full reconstruction of the complex.               

The assumed stages of the complex renovation:

Stage 1: The roof and beam restoration. The finishing of construction-historical surveys. The preparation of “the complex reconstruction” project.

Stage 2: The full renovation of the monastery building (except for the façade renovation) and the recovery of connecting the complex with the main piping system

Stage 3: The destruction of the former dwelling unit and the construction of the Franciscan Institute building.

Stage 4: The renovation of the building exterior, the monastery garden and the functional area.

Stage 5: The full renovation and the restoration of the church interior.